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February 22, 2008


Bob Mclaughlin

This Article Changed my perspective about Iran Completely, well written indeed 5 stars.

-NYU Professor in world issues

Riaz Haq

Enlightening and very well-written.
Unlike the common perception in the US, Iran does have a vibrant civil society (with occasional, haphazard state intervention) and holds regular elections in which power is transferred peacefully from on elected leader to the next. According to Technorati, the Farsi blogosphere is very large and active, ranking among the top 10 blog languages. It is true that Iran has joined the Goldman Sachs Next 11 (the next 11 include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey and Egypt), a recognition of it as an emerging economy with tremendous potential. Many Iranian entrepreneurs are setting up shop in the neighboring UAE to get around the problems they face inside Iran due to misguided government policies and various US sanctions.
Zuhair: You deserve a lot of credit for bringing focus and much needed information about Iran in the US. We need this knowledge to avoid unnecessary conflict based on misinformation and misunderstandings.


Very well researched and thought out. The coming administration will have to work closely with Iran to resolve the tension that has been the basis of US-Iran relations. But the question largely still remains whether Iran is going to back the economic and financial reforms with political reforms as is necessary with any country that aspires to be a significant player on the world scene? Only time will tell.

Mir Ahmed Ali

"I have read your article with interest. You have collected a lot of economic data on Iran and presented it well in 2000 words. Serves as an eye-opener. Keepgoing. Next time aim at 5000 words. Good luck."

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