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November 11, 2007



Great article, a lot thought provoking points.

I wonder whether it would be useful to establish some kind of organization that helped Chinese businesses and individuals enter a country with minimal friction. They could also ease the integration of newcomers into the local community. Maybe these "centers" could be created in local Chinatowns.

In terms of the complaints from the Milanese and Parisian, I'm not sure I can see the link between Chinese pushcarts (selling cheap clothing products and food) and displacement of local businesses. Maybe my interpretation is wrong, but it seems like the two groups serve entirely different needs and have different "products." Or is it that the Chinese are providing the same products and services as the locals, for less?

The difficulty of integration is a very interestin point. I hadn't thought about the seclusion of Chinese communities. I can definitely see this, but I doubt it is for nationalistic reasons. Most immigrants arrive at a new country propelled by a dream of making a better living, and they are ready to embrace their new identities -whatever that means. I'm not that sure about the feeling of nationalism in residents of China either.

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