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November 12, 2007


Joseph S. Ferroni, M.D

Excellent article outlining the myriad of problems faced by nations trying to emerge from corrupt socialism laced with totalitarianinsm. As the U.S. edges toward government solutions for everything, a.k.a. socialism, Americans would do well to understand that there truly is no free lunch.

Julia Carabas

Great article. One comment though...coming from a former communist country, I can tell you from personal experience that it will take decades for these countries to truly re-strategize their economy and their governments. The people are used to this kind of life and most don't believe anything will change, which obviously slows things down. But what I find concerning is that the people in power are the same every year, and they are the same people who served communism, supposedly reformed.
How can you expect things like corruption to go away, when former communist leaders are pretending to be democrats?

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